Since 2013, Jozsef have been in the business of capturing beauty. From fashion to contemporary portraits and the male form, he loves showing people how beautiful they are.
As a New York based Photographer, specializing in luxury portraits and personal branding images, Jozsef coaches you to exude confidence throughout your shoot. Creating captivating images with an unmistakable style, focusing on emotion and the art of lighting. His vision is to treat his clients like a celebrity every step of the way with a memorable stylized Vanity Fair or GQ style portrait session.

Meet József

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Treating my clients as the celebrity they are. 

In 2020, I relocated to New York City - the city of dreamers - to build my portrait studio. My
clients include, American’s Next Top Model, Lunch Mensware, Next Models, The Fight
Magazine, West Hollywood Magazine, Freedom Reigns, Celebrities and Non-profits, amongst

Born in New Jersey in 1984, my artistic career began when I attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for Digital Media Productions. My first few years as a photographer were predominantly photographing fashion and model shoots where I obtained first-hand
knowledge of the true celebrity experience of a photoshoot. 

 treating all of hs clients as a celebrity that they are. 

In 2020, Jozsef recently relocated to New York City. His clients include, Americans Next Top Model, Lunch Mensware, Next Models, The Fight Magazine, West Hollywood Magazine, Freedom Reigns, and Celebrities and NonProfits amongst others.

It all started...

For the past 5 years, Jozsef has focused his artistic eye on treating all of hs clients as celebrity that they are. 

My Story

My Timeline

where I've been


Moved to NYC to build my Portrait Studio in the city of dreamers. 


Quit photographing the fashion industry to focus on giving everyday people the celebrity experience


I was a photographer on Americans Next Top Model 


Celebrated 4 years in business with being published in countless magazines around the world.


I started shooting Fashion, Portrait and Male Form


I purchased my first camera. 


I moved to Los Angeles


Attended the Art Instuite of Fort Lauderdale for Digital Media Productions